Trying It Out

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all!

Today’s entry seems to be focused on the topic of experiencing something new. Some stuff is brand brand new, others are just different than what you’ve been used to. Trust me, there is a difference.

Something a little different
When running on my treadmill on the island, GPS or Wifi enabled devices or apps are pretty much fancy paper weights. So you can imagine my excitement when I landed in Michigan and able to try out my RunKeeper app. My cousin and running muse uses it on his weekly runs. It’s a great app that tracks your distance, pace, and route. Sweet. Hook me up. Due to rainy rainy days, I wasn’t able to get outside and run, and the app doesn’t necessarily work on a treadmill; you simply enter the information manually. NOT AS FUN! I’m an American; when life gives me lemons I buy another gadget.

This little device is pretty, pretty, preeeeetty cool. Since I don’t have the swanky Nike shoes that allow for you to slip the receiver chip into the sole, I bought the velcro pouch that slips around your shoe lace.

This is my temporary case; I'm waiting for my Louis Vuitton to arrive from France.

The Nike app that comes standard in iPhones and iTouches is very user-friendly. I clicked a few options, calibrated the sucker, and took it out for a test run Friday morning.

My first pace, outdoor run: 2.25 miles in 19:47. I would like to point out that about 25 seconds of that was going back and closing the garage door that I forgot to shut….so, IN YOUR FACES!

Dear Hubby’s First
As part of the deal for staying with my parents this summer, Dear Hubby has been told to offered to mow the lawn. This is extra sweet because it’s something he’s never done before. After a few hints and pointers, he was off!

A natural

Good to know for future chore-dividing

My job was to sweep the grass clippings off of the sidewalk. And I make it look good!

Sexy socks and rubber sandals is so Summer 2012

A Tale of Two Cities
Our big plans for the night were to meet up with some friends we haven’t seen since Christmas and grab dinner, drinks, and watch the Hangover II.

You know when you get a piece of information stuck in your head as one thing; it doesn’t really matter if you read your doctor’s appointment as Tuesday, you heard Wednesday so it’s on Wednesday? Well that’s what happened to us last night. We heard read one city, but showed up in another. Blaming and finger-pointing later Long story short: we ate dinner in town B just the two of us, which ended up being quite lovely.

Amanda's in the house: BOOM TOWN!

Boom Town Kitchen:This was the first time either Dear Hubby or I have been patrons or even heard of such a restaurant. Keep in mind our moods were filled with disappointment and grumbly comments. This place was going to have to offer a lot to impress us; God bless the wait staff assigned to us.

I will say that I was quite impressed with the menu; I was expecting another “trying to be hip” fusion restaurant that appeals only to those who are too young to know better. However, take a look at the Salmon Boom Town sandwich that I ordered:

Served on a mini-baking sheet...a little bit of a reach, but easy cleanup for the staff. Cute

Love the olive topper

Dear Hubby, always predictable and lovable for it, ordered a classic Pepperoni Pizza:

Confession: I’m still really timid about taking pictures for my blog. Of course I have no issue when I need to snap a photo between the four walls of my own home. I have no problem embarassing including my husband or myself. Last night at the restaurant, I realized that I either need to suck it up and not give a flip about what others think, or my blog will suffer. Example A: a photo of my sandwich that doesn’t flatter the incredible food, at all.

Would you want to eat something that looked like that? It's all in the photography

So my mantra today is: try something new, Tootsie!

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