Stepping out with my baby…

Fear Not; A Bag of New Tricks
Before you label me as the type who doesn’t venture away from routine, check this out: my shopping bag from Trader Joe’s. It’s filled with goodies that I’ve only read about over the past few months. I’m ready to dive in and screw em up royally give it up a try.

Item 1:Tofu
Shut the front door! I never would have pegged myself as someone who would voluntarily try tofu, but thanks to so many helpful recipes and instructional videos from Swanky Dietitian, I am ready to rumble! Thanks, Kristen!

Tofu fosho

Item 2: Greek Yogurt
Another healthy staple that I’ve been reading about and have never tried. I have been dying to get back to the state with the cutest girls in the world that allowed me to purchase Greek-style yogurt. I sampled some last night and added fresh strawberries, bananas, and a drizzle of honey. Oh yes. Mama likey.

Item 3: Irish Oats; Steel Cut; Whole Grain

I've got high hopes about this fella

A detailed entry shall follow when I bust out these oats.

Summer Dinner Equation
Grillable protein + Outdoor Grill

Amazingly delish!

Equals salivating crowds


+ Roasted veggies and pasta salad:


and a nap twenty minutes later.

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