Settling in

Back in the Swing of It
It’s been three days since I’ve been back in Michigan and I’ve gracefully fallen back into the “lower 48 lifestyle;” cell phones, longer commutes from Point A to Point B, and grocery shopping. It always takes about a day for my cat, Barry, to get reacquainted with me. Dear Hubby and I only had her for 6 months before we left for Alaska. Even though she was a kitten and we had her during her formative years, she’s still spent more time with her adoptive-parents, my dear mom and dad. But she’s starting to warm back up.

Pardon me, but I think I know you? Yes you look familiar.

I am adorable. Feed me now please.

I'm done with you. You may go now.

New Project
Having the good sense not to bring a poly/cotton blend lap blanket all the way from Alaska to the home of humidity, I decided to begin a new with a new project. Here are the basics:

I LOVE this color palette

I always become overwhelmed when I get into the craft store. I’m drawn to the same colors and patterns over and over again. The thought occurs to me to step out of my comfort zone. Then that thought is swallowed up by,
“There’s a reason why it’s your comfort zone. You like it. Outside of box isn’t always a good idea.”
This is true at times. Especially when it costs $50 in yarn to decide you STILL don’t like fuchsia.

Seriously. Food. Now.

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