Catching up from Saturday Night

It occured to me this morning that I have been a bad blogger. A sloppy blogger would be more appropriate. Naw. Not even that. I will shamelessly say that I had the best of intentions of writing an amazing blog about our flight off island and then dinner at the Captain Cook Hotel’s restaurant, Fletcher’s.

“So why didn’t you, you bum?”

Good question. The answer to that is, I fell damn asleep while my computer was syncing all these great photos. I think I became overwhelmed with the glorious possibilities for this blog entry. Instead of crying in the fetal position in the corner, I decided to sleep it off. So here, in the light of a new day, I resume my Saturday, May 21st activities.

Let me first of all say that the flight from the island to Anchorage was amazing. Ten rows, three seats per row equally thirty possible seats for my lucioustush, and they sat me in row nine. Rows eight through one were EMPTY! I got permission to move up one row so I could stretch out and make use of this free time and space.

Ryan Phillippe? Matthew Morrison? Psycho Sid?

Of course I chose to let me y mind wander and try to decide whose back of the head this could possibly belong to, other than the crew member who got to sit in the first row of the plane. Lucky him? Naw. Chatty Kathy Stewardess Puss didn’t stop rambling on the entire flight. Poor guy. I bet he wished that he could have cut some of that tuft off his dome and jammed it in his ears. STOP THE INSANITY!

Two things that everyone who lives on our island love to see:

Looking eagerly at this sign means that your checked bags actually made it on the flight with you.


Cell phone reception! Hallelu-yer!

Arriving safe and sound at our hotel of luxury, Dear Hubby and I made with the quick step to the downstairs restaurant. Apparently it’s the precursor to the nursing home because the average age of the patron, before we arrived, was about 65. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Menu choices. Menu choices. Hamburger? No. Pasta ala Carbs? Naw. Vegetable dish? Sounds like a healthy choice.

A.) Salad B.) Stir Fry C.) Side of Roasted Vegetables

D.) None of the above

Would you believe….

Ummmmm????? YES PLEASE!!!!!

Check out these mother-luvin’ veggies!!!

Did you see the size of that mushroom? I think I need a towel.

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