Change of Address

Evening all,

The Ferraris are headed home for the summer. The school year came to a successful conclusion, and that marks the end of our first year in Alaska. We shall return in the late summer/early fall for another go ’round. But that’s enough looking ahead; it’s time to enjoy the journey home.


As the week drew to a closure, so did our food supply. Friday night was house cleaning/laundry night.I packed away all of our boxed foods, just in case a neighborhood rodent decided to house-sit for us over the summer. Two piles of clothes were laid out for our big trip Saturday afternoon.


I remember when we picked out clothing and shoes to bring to Alaska, sandals and shorts seemed like something that would come in handy. This is the first time I’ve seen either pair of flip-flops since I put them, teeth chattering and all.

Apartment spic and span? CHECK! All perishables tossed out? CHECK! Car started and ready to take us to check in at the airport? CHECK!….Shit.

Thank God for neighbors who haven’t fled
left the island yet.

My last day on-island
I have been anticipating this breakfast since the first time I saw another blogger cleverly use their almost-empty nut butter jar as the container for their oats. My Almond Butter was just about ripe for the last morning of the year.
A thought occured to me that I didn’t know exactly how you were supposed to make oats in a jar. So I made a quick decision and made them as usual, stovetop, and pour cooked oats, strawberries, and Chia seeds into the jar. Seems like a big “duh” moment.

Pro: extra Almond butter goodness. Con: makes it look like there are less oats to eat.

I didn’t really think things through because it wasn’t until after the oats were poured that I realized that none of my spoons were long enough to allow me to scrape the bottom of the jar without getting almond butter on my fingers. Champagne problems.

Peak-a-boo! Love the parfait look of these oats and almond butter

Last Chance Workout
For my last workout in the dungeon workout room, I decided to give it my all and see how much time I’ve been able to cut off my 5k time. The first time I ran the 5k on the island was back in April at a 28:47 time. Not bad. I recall giving myself a lot of slack at the time. This morning I was able to take 1:05 off that time for a 3.1 mile run in 27 minutes and 42 seconds!
Afterwards I tried out the Biggest Loser’s Yoga dvd. It accompanies the Bootcamp workout, and I must say that my abs got a good workout from it.

Time to Fly the Friendly Skies
The time had arrived to head to the aiport. The flight schedule from the island to Anchorage takes a little getting used to and a lot of patience. According to their website, you depart the island at 4:15pm and arrive in Anchorage at 8:15pm. I can handle that. Of course, that’s never the correct time table. Today the flight arrived at 3:15pm and we arrived in Anchorage at 7:10pm. I’m certainly not complaining, this time. It’s a crap shoot if your luggage comes with your flight. Little Saabs take on as much cargo as it can, depending on how much people bribe them weigh and how many bags they check in.

Today was a good day. It was a quiet flight.

Inside the island's airport. Is that a TSA agent?

Photo taken from row 8 of 10. Can you tell who was the undercover military policeman?

Having our own fun without an in-flight movie

Not sure what I see out there...

Ready to be off the plane now

Yup....anytime now...yeah....

Better chill out, Girl, cuz tomorrow you fly directly from Anchorage to Chicago and that ain’t gonna be a short flight. Get a good night’s rest and see you in the A.M.

Just like Lucy and Desi

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