Good Night/Rocky Morning – Part II

Noticing anything missing from our driveway?

What was that? Speak up.

Oh! A car? Yes! A CAR. Our car. Well if it’s not in our driveway, where on earth is it? Remember when I told you about the four miles I ran Wednesday morning? And the swanky workout facility that is in our school’s basement, approximately a mile away from our house? Right. That’s where I left our poor car Wednesday morning.

A few weeks ago, our car refused to start. At first we thought it was the starter (duh), as there was a CLICK, CLICK, CLICK noise and no engine turn-over. We got a jump and thought all was well. Not the case. The same CLICK-monster attacked again, but this time at 6:15am. And not to get too graphic, but if you know anything about the effects that running can take on a runner’s body, you know that proximity to a restroom relatively soon after a run is critical to maintain one’s dignity.

Picture it: me in my workout duds, trudging back to our house on rocky, dirt roads, trying to maintain a brisk pace, but not so fast that it would rev the engines of an evil process that had already been warming up since mile #2 on the treadmill.

Thankfully I made it, but with the extra commute time, my breakfast was reduced to oatmeal from the microwave, a wicked method of cooking oats.

Making the Best of a Bummer

Raw oats in their sad tupperware coffin

Raw oats, skim milk, frozen strawberries - keep all things that need to be cooked together before zapping

MaraNatha Almond Butter

Microwaving cooking leaves the oatmeal less fluffy, but still so good.

Sexy profile shot

Everything looks better once you stir it up & add Almond Butter

It came to mind that should I have simply put my camera down, I probably did have enough time to cook my oatmeal on the stove. ::eye roll::

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