Pribilof Days

And hello to you too!

It’s the second morning of the traditional end to the school year celebration known as Pribilof Days. It is the week where all students in the St. Paul and St. George schools prepare to say goodbye to another fruitful year of education by terrorizing, annoying, tempting their teachers to bring back corporal punishment, honoring their school and island. Yesterday was “Island Clean Up” and “Scavenger Hunt” day.

The majority of my day was spent with rubber gloves on and yellow trash bags in my hands, so no photos were taken. I’ll allow you to create your own jokes and puns at my expense. However, it was truly a beautiful thing to hear how gross and disrespectful the students found it to be that others would throw their trash around so thoughtlessly. “A lot of good those, ‘Keep Our Island Clean’ signs do, huh?” Sad, but true. However, after four hours and 1/2 of the town cleaned, I felt very proud of our work. My back and legs, on the other hand, want to kick my ass.

The Scavenger Hunt was a lot more fun than trash duty. We were broken into teams of four and given a list of clues and a digital cameral to guide us. It was very clever, as each of the clues called upon the students’ knowledge of their island and the duties of each of the entities that play a large roll in their lives:
the Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association

These are actually two of my former students and the manager at the airport on SNP. They're in front of the CBSFA building.

the Tribal Government

The St. Paul Island Tribal Government Offices

the AC Store

The true center of the island - and I have to stop by today to buy a $6.99 1/2 gallon milk.

-Sorry no picture-ironic

City Hall

City Hall - Also where the radio station is and monthly flea markets.

the Post Office

and the Health Clinic.

Not the best photo, but an awesome facility

Obviously these were not taken on the day of the scavenger hunt-but do display the highlights of the city of St. Paul Island. The only thing missing is their beautiful church. So I’ll throw that in just for kicks.

So what’s on the agenda for today….

What the #@$)! is a Chuchkii and how do you hunt it??

I promise to update you as soon as I get updated myself.

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