Chuckii Hunting

So here’s the scoop: back in the days of primitive tools and before the fast food industry (was there ever such a time???) the people of the Pribilof Islands hunted these little birds with bamboo sticks.

I live/work on St. Paul Island

What is a Chuckii?
This is a flock of Chuchkiis in flight:

"Watch out for that bamboo, boys!"

They’re about the size of a Robin, a little bigger though. They offer about two tablespoons of breast meat, so you’d need a basketful to feed all the hungry mouths.

The Hunting Method:
Bamboo sticks, or anything that you can whip into the air and force enough impact power to knock out a bird, is used as the primary weapon in Chuckii hunting.

Hunters ready and armed

Then you find a place on the rocks where you can be relatively hidden. You crouch down out of sight, and wait for the birds to approach, flying overhead.

Hoodies help hide the body

When a flock advances towards you, quickly whip your bamboo stick into the air, cracking one of the birds in the head/body region. They’re small, so one good whack results in “falling sky” Chicken Little.

Post-bird/bamboo connection pose

Now here’s the part that gets a little graphic and gross: the impact of the bamboo shot doesn’t kill the bird; it just stings it. The hunter must then wring the neck. I left this part out of the visual show-and-tell.

At the end of the morning, our group had 16 Chuckiis, and we are now on our way to find out how to clean, prepare, and cook a bowl of Chuckii soup.

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