This is where I work it (No diggity)


I thought I’d start out this blog with a little Show and Tell. I’ve been bragging about where it is that I do the majority of my complaining, swearing workouts, and I thought I would stop being selfish and share some snapshots from my iPhone’s camera. Share the wealth.

The Cardio Wing

1980s jungle gym - for the serious iron pumper

These weights are more my speed...and I mean the little red ones on the floor.

Custom mirrors so you can appreciate your delts and lats, "Fun-House" style.

My baby!

This treadmill is what has helped me drop almost 2 full minutes off my previous 5k time. Over the course of the school year, the belt was in desperate need of repair. Parts were ordered, maintenance requests were submitted; it was a real touch-and-go situation for awhile…suitable for Grey’s Anatomy fans who enjoy a little over the top,unrealistic medical drama to spice up their Thursday nights. But thanks to our wonderful island handy man, the mill of tread was back up and running…pun intended.

This post just goes to show that you don’t need fancy, expensive equipment, or trendy gym classes to get your workout in. You just need the time, the place, and the motivation to get your hind-parts in gear.

But just to prove that I am still a girly, girl who appreciates the more sophisticated things in life…here is a picture of my color-coordinated water bottle and lunch bag….and my breakfast from this morning.

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