Last Week’s Agenda-Update


Bloomin'I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day and beginning of the new week. My beautiful mother and I are separated by a few hundred miles of ocean and about 4,000 more of North America, hence we didn’t spend the holiday together. But I love her; I appreciate her; I hope I have her skin when I’m her age.

So last week I started, I mean really really started to plan out my training schedule for my Summer of 5k. Here’s how it shaped up:
Enthusiasm gets you everywhere

Monday, May 2nd
Cross Trained: Elliptical and Bootcamp DVD – 50 minutes total

Tuesday, May 3rd
My worst day of the week, energy and enthusiasm wise. Took the day off. Body thanked me later. I really don’t want to piss it off.

Wednesday, May 4th
EZ Run of 4 miles @ 10:00 min/mile pace & cooled down on the Elliptical for 10 mins – 50 mins

Thursday, May 5th
45 minutes of Cross Training on the Elliptical

Friday, May 6th
Day of Rest

Saturday, May 7th
Tried my best to do my interval training. I over-estimated my bad assness and ran a mile at 10:00 pace, THEN tried to amp it up to 8:30 pace. Yea, that only worked like twice. I was scheduled to do 4 400s @ 8:30 and 4 400s @ 10:30 paces…I only got one legit set in, but managed to do three intervals before calling it a day. SUMMARY: 24 minutes on the treadmill.

Sunday, May 8th
Long Run Day – 4 miles @ 9:16 pace = 37:10 minutes
I loved this day. I felt proud of me on this day. I experienced the runner’s “trots” on this day. TMI. My sincerest apologies.

Weekly Summary:
Cardio Time: 221 minutes
Total Miles: 10.25
Overall, I’m pleased. The lesson I learned was that I need to respect the Interval gods more, and shall this week. You betta check yoself befo you wreck yoself!

What’s on the agenda for this week?
Monday, May 9th (Already in the books)
3m run & Bootcamp
*3 miles @ 8:46 pace for 26:00
*20 minutes of Level I Bootcamp

Tuesday, May 10th
REST – my body felt it this morning. It was like trying to left 500lbs sacks of potatoes (why anyone would buy them in bulk in that size is beyond me. Maybe the military does that). I ended up coming home from the gym and moving my schedule down one day. Listen to your body, man, I’m tellin’ ya.

Wednesday, May 11th
3m run & Bootcamp

Thursday, May 12th
35 minute tempo run – 10 mins @ 9:16 pace; 15 mins @ 8:34 pace; 10 mins @ 9:16 pace

Friday, May 13th
3m run & Bootcamp

Saturday, May 14th
60 mins Cross Training – Elliptical

Sunday, May 15th
4m run

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