What I’ve been cooking

I pride myself on my oatmeal preparation diversity, however that’s about as far as my creativity goes in the kitchen. I find that I have a few staple dishes to prepare and that serves my husband and my pallets just fine. However now and again I will want to try something new. This does not in anyway indicate that the recipe is something I’ve created, but simply a classic that has never been done by my hands before.

Over the weekend my husband declared that he had a taste for something pizza-y. I have a cupboard full of Jiffy pizza crust mixes, and an assortment of canned good. He has been very good at making his own pizzas, and usually one box of crust mix is enough for a single-husband serving. I was feeling creative and generous this particular night, so I offered to try my hand at making something with the dough. Into the kitchen I went. My mission was to create something that he hasn’t had before, or at least not in the last 6 months.

Introducing the Chicken Pot Pie Calzone!

It was pretty simple really; it would have to be for me to accomplish. I started out with one box of Jiffy Pizza Crust mix. I prepared it as directed, but added basil and garlic to the mix.

Ready to Roll

I rolled the dough out into a rectangle-ish form for it to envelope the stuffings of the “Chicken Pot Pie.” The mix that I used was as simple to make as opening cans:
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can new potatoes, sliced
1 can green beans
1 can carrots, sliced
1 can chicken breast
Of course for those cooks who have more time and patience, these ingredients can very from can to fresh to whatever your heart desires. I used what I had in the cupboards and that works just fine for a novice cook.
After mixing all the ingredients together and adding a bit of garlic, salt & pepper, I scooped a spoonful onto my dough. And just because my husband is a cheesy-cheezemeister, I crumbled some mozzarella on top.

I wiped a coating of olive oil around the outside so that the seal of the crust would stay togehter. After pinching the edges, I poked a few holes on top to let the steam out. Nobody told me to do this and I can’t quite remember ever hearing that you should. It just seemed like the right thing to do.
Like I said earlier, I was feeling rather generous, so I decided to take a little of the extra dough and make something SUPER special. My husband had seen a commercial for a pizza company that is now baking cheese, sauce, and pepperoni into its crusts. Sounds very nutritious and American. So without being noticed, I rolled out the extra dough, applied a healthy layer of pizza sauce a few pepperonis we had left over from pizza of the past, and mozzarella.

I cut the breadsticks-to-be in strips, rolled them over themselves and pinched the edges together. WIFEY BROWNIE POINTS!

Into the oven!


Out of the oven!

Chicken Pot Pie Calzone

Pepperoni Pizza Breadsticks

Dinner of Champions

Into the mouth!


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