Oatmeal, Science, and Seals

Hello All!
My deepest apologies for the lag in my posting. I have been extremely busy in the past week with my teaching job, preparing for our travels back to Michigan for the summer, planning activities for the summer, and finalizing my coursework for my first semester back to school. Oy! My poor BusyCal looks like a rainbow exploded on it.

In my mind, I'm this graceful...in my mind.

But let me bring you up to date…

All last week, my students and I were treated to Bering Sea Days. It’s a week-long celebration of the ecosystems that share the Pribilof Island area of the Bering Sea/Alaska area. Scientists from all over the country traveled up to a 5×9 mile island to present their knowledge and studies of various topics such as sea ice, zooplankton, king crab, tides and tide pools, fur seals, mammoths, and birds. It was a wonderful week, but also exhausting! Here are some of the things that enveloped my focus from Bering Sea Days…

The Sea Ice that floats to the island every year. This is a relatively low turnout.

More Sea Ice. I'm always amazed at the seasonal development of our island.

Remnants of a shipwreck during the 70s

My darling hubby and his big find of the day during our hike.

Oh and one more thing that we found…

A Harbor Seal that was trying to get a little sun for his pale fur =) Isn't he adorable?!?!

It was a whirl-wind week, but as you can see it was also amazing! More updates to come. But just in case you thought I would get out of a blog entry without referencing my beloved oatmeal…
Oats, strawberries, banana, and soynut butter....OMG GOOD!

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