A.M. Motivation

Good morning, all.

I’ve never had a hard time getting up in the mornings. I am one of those annoying people who get up hours before I have to just to enjoy the peace that pre-dawn brings. Join me in a bowl of delici-oso oatmeal and we’re having a party! It wasn’t always so easy for me to do this, but after preparing myself mentally for the idea that regardless of how much negotiating I did with myself, I always was glad afterwards that I had gotten out of bed. I literally made a list, a few times, to convince myself of the validity of allowing extra time in the mornings to get things done and not put them off. I am no Scarlet O’Hara.

As I get older I am loving the mornings more and more. They are the perfect time of day. There lay before us a plethora of opportunities for greatness. It’s like the first day after a giant snowfall; a white, crisp foundation coats the ground, so pure and available. Mornings are like that. With a handful of “probablies” and “most likelies” planned out in our day, we really can view each morning as the potential for most anything. The one thing that can influence the theme of the days is our attitude. No matter what lies ahead for us to take on, our attitude will determine if we have a good day or one that we’d like to lock away in a tiny box and bury under the porch. I chose to make today one that deserves a gold star.

Our best friends will be getting married on the beach in June this summer. As someone who has never been a huge fan of showing off her body, I am actually excited about the idea of getting to wear a “beachy chic” dress for this wedding. I have purchased a dress online this morning from one of my favorite websites. I haven’t ordered clothes from particular websites before, but have had great success in purchasing clothing online before. We also have a family wedding in California in July, that tacky as it may be, I’ll be wearing the same dress for. It’s not super revealing in a the grand scheme of starlets who let their cookies show as they get out of limos, but for me it’s more skin than I usually show up top. I posted a picture of the dress – let me know what you think.

My dress - beachy enough?

I’m not sure that you’re actually curious, but just in case I thought I’d update you on what it is exactly that I do once I get myself out of bed and then into the gym. Our school is equipped with a fairly decent set of cardio machines and weights. If you’re into muscle-building and are missing the 80s jungle-gym-looking, multiple machine contraptions that most gyms have, then our basement is where you should be. I tend to avoid this mass of metal all together. It’s too intimidating and I prefer the elliptical and free weights. Every morning I do one of several programmed routines on the elliptical machine. Today it was the appropriately named “Cardio” drill.

Sweat Machine

Afterwards, I have been queuing up the Biggest Loser’s Bootcamp DVD and so far only doing level one. What I really like about it is that it makes using hand weights so much easier to incorporate into my routine. There is a little bit of cardio, but so little that I don’t mind it. It’s the perfectly balanced workout, in my humble opinion.

No photos of breakfast this morning. The simple reason is that I left my camera at school, but I did enjoy myself a beautiful bowl of OATMEAL!!! Here’s what the goodie-goodness included:
-1/2 C. old fashioned oatmeal
-5 strawberries
-1/2 C. skim milk
-1/2 of a small banana
-1 Tbsn. soynut butter

Pictures tomorrow, promise—promise.

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