And my world shall be forever changed…

Big News!!
Let me start out with the earth-shattering information that I was blessed with this afternoon. I have to admit that from time to time I find myself getting easily distracted by the wrong portions of someone’s story. They’re trying to recreate the plot line from their recent breakup and my focus got snagged back at “we were at the Fishbones on Novi Road, I thought for a pleasant evening out, but…” and I think to myself, “I thought they were closed for remodeling? When did they reopen? I’ve always wanted to get in there for dinner, but it’s either been packed or closed down. Huh! Well I’ll have to try to get Dan and I reservations.” Before I know it, my friend is in tears and I have no idea why I’m hating her boyfriend, but I do because I’m a good friend. Anyway, my point was that I get easily distracted.

Slightly phallic, but amazing

One of my students started telling me a story about her aunt who was scared to stay at her own house for the night. She claims that her automatic salt and pepper shaker went off by itself, or better yet a paranormal event was taking place. As my student was going on about how she likes scary movies (or something, because I stopped listening at that point) I thought myself,
“Wait, what?? automatic salt and pepper shaker?? What exactly does that mean? Does it shake by itself? And if so, is it on a timer? If her timer went off, what in her kitchen got salted or peppered?”
Again by the time I came back to reality, she was off in another part of the library, but I was off on the great search to find out more about this mind-blowing, life-altering kitchen appliance. The future is here.

Running Wild

My view when I ran today

This morning I woke up and decided that I wanted to get back to my running as much as I can. Long excuse-list short: running outside isn’t as easy at going to the gym in the basement of my school to workout. But it’s the weekend, and as it typically goes, there is a new set of rules for Saturday and Sunday. I bundled up in layers of gear that would allow me to jog at a decent temperature once in-stride. My typical route last fall was our front door to downtown and then out to the seal blinds. (I live on an Alaskan island in the Bering Sea; I know that’s not a fair background description. If it were me, I would need to take another mental siesta with that one. Another blog will update you). With iPhone in hand and the intention of completing the four-ish mile loop in my heart, I stepped out into the cold.

Scenic View

The run actually went pretty well for the first time running outside since September. I’ve only been running for about two years, and not consistently, so it’s always touchy if each new season is going to actually take off. I will admit that the new terrain is something that I’ll have to get used to because there are three elements working against me: sand, altitude, and wind. I know that these things are all going to help make me a stronger, healthier person, but the coughing that I was doing after the 48 minute trek sounded more like a life-long smoker than someone who was attempting to be athletic. But again, when you take a look at my view, it’s hard to find an excuse not to go.

Today’s Oatmeal

My attempt at making breakfast look artsy.

I have been reading a lot of food blogs and I have to admit that I love it! There’s something so amazing to me about taking a voyeuristic approach to other people’s food. The other thing that is amazing to me is that as much as I become entranced by the step by step process of preparing these recipes, I have absolutely no intention of trying to replicate them on my own. But that won’t stop my feudal attempt at creating my own food blog devoted to oatmeal.
Above is my first attempt at snapping a photo of my morning oatmeal. It turned out decently, not as arty as I was hoping, but we all need a starting off point. And in my opinion the oatmeal is beautiful on its own. I added my ingredients to a saucepan and cooked over medium heat.

-1/3 C. Old Fashioned Oats
-1/2 C. Skim Milk
-1/2 C. Blueberries
-1/2 of a small banana

After the concoction was plated in my oatmeal bowl, I added a dollop (1Tbsn) of soynut butter to the top of the heap. Mouth-watering goodness was awaiting my taste buds and tummy. I couldn’t wait any longer. One photo for presentation, one for consumption preparation:

Not as glamorous, but very tasty!

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