Murphy’s Law and Running Issues

Morning Workout: 4 miles @ 31:24 

This morning’s run was ok.  I felt like it could have gone a lot better, mostly mentally.  I’ve been trying some new things in my commencement back into running after being dead down with the flu for a week and a half.  One things is breaking my reading dependence while running distances longer than four miles.  I made a new 5k play list, as well as started listening to podcasts via my iPod nano.  It’s been going ok thus far, except for this morning.  Something must have been going haywire in my iPod because after hitting the “Start Run” button, the volume would automatically be set to zero, or mute.  I turned up the volume with the buttons, but as soon as I found the desired sound level, it would automatically slide back down to zero!  WTF!!  Not only was this supremely irritating, it was also DANGEROUS!  I was clipping along at my 7’40” pace at 5am on a treadmill.  I’m not bright enough to pause my workout and fix my technology issues at a standstill.  Thankfully, it only took the first mile and a half for the vulgar threats I was making to sink into the nano and the volume stayed where I told the $!@#* to.

Some may call that Murphy’s Law – whatever could possible goes wrong does at the least opportune time.  That may not be a true M.L. situation, but these are:

 Thanks for these truisms/Murphy’s Law quips, Alissa.

In non-running-but-no-less-a-Murphy’s-Law-example news, just when Dear Hubby and I both have the time to devote to watching both our teams, Michigan State and the Cincinnati Bearcats play in the Sweet Sixteen, our satellite dish went out, rendering us totally helpless and unable to watch the games.  Or maybe it was a blessing since both teams were knocked out of the tournament.

Have you fallen victim to Murphy’s Law lately? If so, what?

Show Me: Elite Eight!

Happy Thursday, Fancy Oatmeal Readers.  It’s an exciting day around the FO house for two reasons:

1. I have become obsessed with the Family Feud with Friends app on my iPad

It brings back childhood memories of watching the episodes hosted by Ray Combs with my grandpa.  You play this version against your Facebook friends, and I’m pretty decent.  I seem to either know top answers, or none at all.  Consider this questions:  Who in Hollywood has a great smile?  According to their survey, not Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

We’ve surveyed one person, and the top seven answers are on the board.

Name something you wish you never had to do, but once it’s done you’re glad you did.

2. Michigan State plays in their Sweet Sixteen game against Louisville.

In honor of Coach Izzo’s team making another run for the NCAA title, here are some statistics that you should know about the Michigan State Spartans’ basketball program.

  • Since 1995, Michigan State has been coached by Tom Izzo, who has a 364–146 record.  Izzo’s coaching helped the team make six of twelve NCAA Final Fours from 1999 to 2010, winning the title in 2000.
  • Michigan State basketball has been selected for 15 consecutive NCAA tournament bids from 1998 to 2012, making six final fours during that span. This span has provided every four-year player under Tom Izzo the opportunity to play in a final four.

  • Michigan State has made it to the final four eight times and has made 25 NCAA Tournament appearances

And if you’re not so much the basketball fan, you should also know that Tom Izzo runs a great weight loss program as well:

Are you a college basketball fan?  Is your bracket busted? Who will you be cheering on in the Sweet Sixteen round?

Did you watch Family Feud?

What are your favorite games to play on iPhone/iPad?