Random Lists

Things I forgot to ask Santa for this year:

1.  Chocolate-dipped Doritosenhanced-buzz-23118-1355932190-4

2.  Hands-free tissue dispenser


A perfect gift for your cold-weather running friends and family members.

3.  Hotdog branding plate


This is a great way to complete the segregation at your multiple-team fans at your next sporting event.

4.  Glitzy pumps


While I am definitely not a Broncos fan, I see the potential for removing the logo and morphing these bad-dads for next year’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party between the Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs.

Food I’ve eaten in the last 24 hours:

**Disclaimer: These are not the ONLY things I’ve eaten; just the highlights**

1. Two containers of yogurt, and in my opinion the most amazing additions to the flavor spectrum

Kudos to the genius who decided to add carrot cake flavor!  OMG I cannot get enough of the stuff, even to the point where I’m one of those people who will eat that instead of a real dessert.

2.  Panera’s Roasted Turkey Harvest SaladTurkey Harvest Salad

3.  TGI Friday’s Salted Caramel Cake


My dessert is really only the platform for me to be able to show you the dessert that Dan got; not really the dessert but the landing strip of a plate that it came on.  WTF TGIF???

Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT support events that I signed up for:

1.  5k Run for the Children of Sandy Hook


2.  26 Mile Memorial for 26 Lives (Sandy Hook)

For the whole month of January we will be putting in 26 miles of your favorite exercise. For every mile is in respect of one life lost and their families. Please record your effort and set goals. Example: For every mile I run/walk I will donate $1 to the Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary. (Details will be provided for donations) Please note it is only a personal choice of a donation individually or as a team. Whatever you want to sacrifice as a per mile goal is entirely your choice. It can be as easily as one mile for cooking a homemade meal or refusing chocolate. Anything at all is a help! You make your own rules while achieving 26 miles!
Provided is a couple of links in regards to how you can help and/or show your support!



Innova and Nachos

There’s nothing better than waking up totally relaxed and ready to face another meal day.  After getting a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I rolled out of bed feeling fully refreshed.  As I sipped on my coffee and read headlines from my blog reader, NewsRack, I reflected upon how truly blessed I am to have been able to spend yesterday morning at the Innova Salon and Day Spa.Spa 3Dan was sweet enough to pay for my mom to go with me to enjoy the 2012 Holiday Spa Package-worth of treatments:


I have never been to Innova before, but have heard wonderful things about it from both my mother-in-law and my mom, and trust me when I say that my MIL is a spa connoisseur, so if it has her stamp of approval, you know that you’ll be treated properly.

Our day began by being greeted into the cozy salon lobby by the owner’s husband.

Spa CollageHe explained the agenda for our day of pampering and luxury, while also explaining the benefits of each of the treatments.  I tend to be a little bit leery of facials or chemicals around my skin because I have been known to have terrible reactions or breakouts.  Mr. Beal put me at ease as we filled out profiles so that the proper lotions and moisturizers would be used on my sensitive skin.

Spa 4


The layout of the spa is absolutely perfect.  My mom and I were whisked to the back room of the salon for our first three sessions: massage, facial, and pedicure.

As soon as I was lying on my massage table and the traditional pan flute melodies began being pipped into our rooms, I began to relax in total comfort.


Spa 5

After our 30 minute massages, both my mom and I were treated to a rejuvenating facials.  I chose to go with the acne  treatment, and even as soon as this morning I can tell a difference in my skin.  Next, my mom joined me, fully cloaked in our matching white, terrycloth robes, for the most amazing pedicure that I have ever received.

Spa 6


When I tell you that our pedicures lasted for 60 minutes, I am totally bragging to you.  It was wonderful!  Linda, the owner and queen of all things wonderful, and her niece treated us to an exfoliation and reflexology session.  I don’t really understand reflexology that well, but we were given a chart that showed how parts of our feet are connected to organs and other areas of the body.



So I guess the next time I wake up in the middle of the night because I have to pee, instead of getting out of bed, I’ll just pinch the mess out of my inner foot and fall back asleep.

Our morning session actually turned into a five hour extravaganza, as we reluctantly put our clothes back on to receive our manicures and hair treatments.  Because I had just gotten my hair cut about two weeks ago, I simply had Linda trim my ends and reshape the hair around my face.  She uses a dry-cutting technique, and I think that the results were very good.  I didn’t snap a picture because, well, after being pampered so heavily, you tend to be too damn sleepy to think of stuff like that.

By the time my mom and I got back home, it was almost 2:30 in the afternoon!  We were starved, but yet I didn’t want anything tooooo heavy to bring my down, man.  So my mom made a plate of Apple Nachos for us to split.

Apple Nachos


The most crisp wedges of apples topped by 1 Tbsn. of melted peanut butter and oriental noodles.  They were amazing!

Final review of the Innova Salon and Day Spa:

It was phenomenal!  I cannot believe how well Linda did in all areas of our day of relaxation!  Truly she was with us along the whole trail; from nails to massage to facials and hair treatments, she knows and does it all exceptionally well.  Her husband was an absolute delight as well, refilling our mugs of tea and offering us magazines and good conversation throughout the day.  The salon itself was very modern, yet felt homey.  Linda and her husband did everything right, from spending the extra money to have the top-of-the-line spa pedicure chairs to stand-alone sinks for shampooing and conditioning clients’ hair.  It was clean, comfortable, and very charming.  What truly impressed me, in addition to everything else, was how well her prices were listed.  She’s competitive with other salons of all variations and specialties.

If you’re in the Lansing area, I highly recommend giving the Innova Salon and Day Spa a try.


New Technology



Guess what came in the mail last night!!!  My new iPhone 5!

I was eagerly anticipating the end of November, and not just because of how much I was looking forward to December.  I was due for an upgrade on my cell phone on the 30th of November, and decided to order my new iPhone online instead of going to the Verizon store.

My last cell was only the iPhone 4, so now I’m totally up to date!


Apple has made things to easy to make the transition from one phone to another that it only took about 10 minutes to setup my new phone, but that didn’t keep me from holding my breath when I tried to sync for the first time.


For dinner, Dan and I chose to try a new restaurant.  We were missing our Mediterranean favorite, La Marsa’s, so we ordered Chicken Kabobs and Grape Leaves from The Olive Gill MediterraneanOlive Grill

The food was pretty good…but when you have a favorite, it’s difficult to find contentment with another restaurant.  My favorite part was the chicken, which was tender but had a generic flavor.  The Mediterranean salad was zippy and tangy.

Olive Grill 2

I was really pretty disappointed in only one thing: the grape leaves.  Between my mother-in-law, La Marsa’s, and our friend’s Turkish version, there really was no competition.Olive Grill 3